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an International formation hub for Jesuit Scholastics

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What we offer

Environment of familiarity

Life in the formation community “Aloisius Gonzaga” offers scholastics a good framework to grow: quick help with their studies, joint activities and times of relaxation make it possible to live as “friends in the Lord”. Anyone who dares to venture into the complexity of current discussions needs an atmosphere of familiarity and security. The Formation Center offers close relationships to teachers and students.

Challenging studies

The "Hochschule für Philosophie" (HfPh) is committed to the educational tradition of the Jesuit Order. There are numerous libraries in the immediate vicinity. A broad approach to systematic philosophy serves as the foundation of cutting-edge research at the interface with current debates in the natural and social sciences. Digitization and artificial intelligence are among the controversial topics examined here. Studying the German philosophy of the 19th and 20th century will allow students to grasp the core characteristics of modernity.

Deeply grounded spirituality

Munich in its Bavarian style is traditionally Catholic. Churches dominate the cityscape. At the same time, religious and cultural plurality as well as an increasing secularization are shaping society. Spiritual life in community and spiritual accompaniment encourage scholastics in their love of the Lord, their Jesuit vocation and discernment. The goal is to develop a spirituality that endures in the midst of changes and transformation within society and church.


Jesuit Life in Munich

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Admissions and Scholarships

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